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Humility (Feb 19, 2023)

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Notes and Comments by Cameron Smiley

As Christians, we know that we should be humble. What does that mean? Is biblical humility some sort of self humiliation or is it something else?

Let's let the Bible speak on how much God values humility in his children.

Humility brings healing (2 Chr 7:14)

Humility brings salvation (Ps 18:27)

Humility brings guidance (Ps 25:9)

Humility brings a crown (Ps 149:4)

Humility brings grace (Pr 3:34)

Humility brings wisdom (Pr 11:2)

Humility brings esteme (Is 66:2)

Examples of humility in the Bible

Moses (Num 12:3)

As Solomon was the wisest who ever lived so Moses was the most humble man "on the face of the earth" of his generation

Jesus (Mt 11:29)

"gentle and humble in heart"

Discussion: What made these men humble?

God exhaulted/Service oriented

Biblical instructions

Look out for the interests of others (Ph 2:3)

Bear with one another in love (Eph 4:2)

That the Lord may lift you up (Ja 4:10)

Lord will exhault you in due time (1 Pe 5:6)

Defining humility by what it is not

The opposite of humility

Pride - self elevation (Lk 14:8)

Example: Satan (Is 14:12-16)

Humility misunderstood

False Humility -

Seeking human approval through superficial

pretense - "look how humble I am!" (Matt 23:5)

Hiding you talents - (Lk 19:11-27, Matt 25:14-30)

Self abuse, self debasement is not biblical


Rewards of pride and false humility

Arrogance, disgrace, fights, quarrels, destruction, bringing down

Biblical Humility

First must be the servant of all (Matt 10:44)

First reconcile then seek God (Matt 5:24)

Must love your brother to love God (1 Jn 4:20)

Love God and your neighbor (Matt 22:37)

Biblical pride (Gal 6:3-5)

Take away on biblical humility

Toward God be



Toward others be


Exercise your gifts and talents but in love

Don't compare yourself to others

Consider and serve the interests of others

Facilitate an atmosphere where the gifts of

others have room to bless too.

Humility quick reference

Don't think less of yourself, think less about yourself.

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