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Fasting and Feasting (Feb 26)

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Is this you? Maybe time to fast.

Notes and Comments by Cameron Smiley

Biblical Fasting

Deny yourself (Lev 23:26ff)

Remember what God has done for you


Preparation (Est 4:14)

Jesus 40 day example (Matt 4:1-11)

It is not for show (Matt 6:16)

Disciple WILL fast (Matt 9:14)

Preparation/Dedication to ministry (Acts 13:2)

Preparation for hardship/commitment (Acts 14:23)

What is NOT fasting

Example of Esau (Gen 25:29-34)

Their god is their stomach (Phi 3:18-19)

Are you overly focused on "worldly things?"

What things other than food can we become addicted to? Fasting applies beyond food.

Fasting and Prayer

(the dynamic duo for digging deeper than usual)

Some issues call for fasting and prayer (Mk 9:14)

Earnest prayer (Acts 12:5)

Making room for spiritual food

The woman at the well (Jn 4:7)

Spiritual water - she forgot he bucket!

Spiritual food - did someone bring him food?

Jesus "I have food that you know nothing about."

Fast with prayer and purpose. Don't leave your clean house vacant (Matt 12:43)

The Word as food

Give the servants food (Matt 24:45)

Feed my lambs (Jn 21:15)

You gave me something to eat (Matt 25:31)

Are the above verses about physical or spiritual food?

Our heavenly hope is pictured as a great banquet

Who to invite to your banquet (Lk 14:12)

God's banquet (MATT 22:17)

Our heavenly food

"Well done good and faithful servant. Enter your master's rest"

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