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Grace Fellowship Church

About Us

What We Believe

As imperfect people we are humbled by God's salvation to those who accept Jesus as Lord by faith. We are also committed to our call from the Lord to live holy lives and love others.


Our worship time features contemporary music and Bible centered, life skills oriented preaching. We believe that the Holy Spirit has given spiritual gifts in various forms and is at work in all those who put their faith in Jesus.  We encourage each to use their talents and gifts to the Glory of God and the building up of the Church. Grace Fellowship is family where you can feel loved and accepted.

Our focus is simple:

Sincere worship * Scripture based preaching * Ministry of service


The Power of God is Christ in us.


Grace Fellowship Church was established in 1981 by Dr. Jack Ender. Jack served as senior pastor until his retirement in 2018.  Grace Fellowship is deeply indebted to all the saints who poured their blood, sweat and love into our family and facility over the years and made Grace Fellowship a blessing to the Georgetown community. A special thanks and fond affection to Dr. Jack Ender who was called by faith so many years ago to plant a seed.  Let us strive to live up to such a calling in the LORD.

Founder: Dr. Jack Ender

Dr. Jack Ender

Ministry Leadership

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